We stock a comprehensive range of fantastic cheeses from all around Britain and the Continent. Wherever possible we buy from independant producers both locally and futher afield. Our aim is to source the best examples of each cheese throughout the year.

If you would like any advice our staff are happy to help you, wether you need selections for a cheeseboard or the perfect accompaniment, let us know on 01422 843121.
If you cannot find the cheese you are looking for we will usually be able to source it upon request, just ask!
We sell our cut cheeses online by approximate weight, the Price shown for each cheese is for approx 250g.
500g and 1kg prices are available from the drop down menu.
If you would like to order an amount which is not available on our weight options please contact us for prices.

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The promise of soft riches that glide down the tongue, as the cheese eases away from its crust. F..
Ex Tax: £4.25
Pennine Blue
A creamy, medium strength, semi-soft Blue.   ..
Ex Tax: £5.50
Reblochon is a soft rind-washed made from raw cow's milk. The cow breeds best for producing the m..
Ex Tax: £4.15
Smoked Creamy Lancashire
Delicious creamy lancashire from Inglewhite, lightly smoked for 3 days over old oak whisky barrel..
Ex Tax: £2.80
Creamy Lancashire
This is the classic Traditional Lancashire and is made with fresh milk sourced from dedicated loc..
Ex Tax: £2.95
Montgomery's Cheddar is the standard-bearer of English farmhouse cheddars. It is made in North Ca..
Ex Tax: £5.75
Applewood is a traditional farmhouse Cheddar with a delicate smoky flavour and a lovely smooth te..
Ex Tax: £3.48
Cave Aged Gruyere
The Cave-aged Gruyere is matured for about one year in the secluded caves of Kaltbach near Lucern..
Ex Tax: £6.50
Katy's White Lavender
Made by Katy Bell, daughter of Judy Bell of the Thirsk based Shepherd's Purse Dairy. This li..
Ex Tax: £7.75
Mrs. Bell's Blue
A pure full fat ewes milk cheese with a slightly sweet lingering peppery flavour on the palate. T..
Ex Tax: £7.00
Famed for it's pungent aroma, a Great British Classic from Charles Martell, Dymock,Gloucester ..
Ex Tax: £8.00
Smoked Wensleydale
Traditional Wensleydale cheese is naturally 'cold smoked' over oak and hardwood chips for up to 2..
Ex Tax: £4.00
125 gram Italian Mozzarella ball packed in Whey. Perfect with Tomato & Bas..
Ex Tax: £1.10
Roquefort - Papillon Noir
Made from raw sheep's milk, Roquefort has a characteristic aroma and flavour. The rindless exteri..
Ex Tax: £7.45
Yorkshire Blue
Made from 100% Yorkshire cows milk, Yorkshire Blue is a mild, soft, creamy, blue veined cheese. T..
Ex Tax: £5.40