We stock a comprehensive range of fantastic cheeses from all around Britain and the Continent. Wherever possible we buy from independant producers both locally and futher afield. Our aim is to source the best examples of each cheese throughout the year.

If you would like any advice our staff are happy to help you, wether you need selections for a cheeseboard or the perfect accompaniment, let us know on 01422 843121.
If you cannot find the cheese you are looking for we will usually be able to source it upon request, just ask!
We sell our cut cheeses online by approximate weight, the Price shown for each cheese is for approx 250g.
500g and 1kg prices are available from the drop down menu.
If you would like to order an amount which is not available on our weight options please contact us for prices.

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Soft goat’s milk cheese with a thin white bloomy rind – similar in taste to a young Camembert. Ma..
Ex Tax: £4.90
Taleggio is a semi-soft, washed-rind cheese from the Valtaleggio region in northern Italy, near L..
Ex Tax: £3.25
Channel Island Brie
This is a beautiful creamy brie made using Jersey and Guernsey cows milk. It is golden in colour,..
Ex Tax: £3.75
It is a wheel shaped, creamery, blue cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese has a sweet taste as..
Ex Tax: £4.10
Munster is a sweet and savoury, wonderful tasting cheese which as a long spicy taste. Soft an..
Ex Tax: £3.95
Crumbly Lancashire
Crumbly Lancashire is a young cheese typically matured for up to 8 weeks and made from fresh loca..
Ex Tax: £2.95
Garstang Blue - Lancashire
Garstang Blue is made from pasteurised cows’ milk and is a wonderful combination of a smooth crea..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Mountain Gorgonzola
The famous Italian blue cheese with a bolder flavour than the 'Dolce' alternative, Mountain Gorgo..
Ex Tax: £4.15
An unusual "cooked" whey cheese from Norway, made from a mixture of goat, cows milk. This cheese ..
Ex Tax: £4.90
Cheddar with Caramalised Onions
An amazing burst of flavour; specially selected, smooth creamy cheddar carefully combined with ri..
Ex Tax: £4.05
Aged for 18 months in the high mountain canton, this Emmenthal has a strong spicy flavour with fe..
Ex Tax: £4.15
Halloumi was originally a Middle Eastern Bedouin cheese made from ewes' and sometimes goats' milk..
Ex Tax: £3.40
Buche de Chevre - Goat's Cheese Log
Buche de Chèvre cheese is a rinded soft cheese made from pasteurised goats' milk. It is matured f..
Ex Tax: £2.90
Greek Feta
Ex Tax: £2.90
Isle of Mull Cheddar
Isle of Mull cheddar doesn’t taste like any other cheddar and it doesn’t look the same either. It..
Ex Tax: £4.95