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Bleu d'Auvergne
Bleu d'Auvergne is a name-protected (Denomination Origine Protected, DOP) cheese from the Auvergn..
Ex Tax: £2.90
The promise of soft riches that glide down the tongue, as the cheese eases away from its crust. F..
Ex Tax: £4.25
Reblochon is a soft rind-washed made from raw cow's milk. The cow breeds best for producing the m..
Ex Tax: £4.15
Camembert - Le Rustique
Le Rustique Camembert is made in Normandy, home of Camembert, using milk from cows that graze on ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Roquefort - Papillon Noir
Made from raw sheep's milk, Roquefort has a characteristic aroma and flavour. The rindless exteri..
Ex Tax: £7.45
Munster is a sweet and savoury, wonderful tasting cheese which as a long spicy taste. Soft an..
Ex Tax: £3.95
Buche de Chevre - Goat's Cheese Log
Buche de Chèvre cheese is a rinded soft cheese made from pasteurised goats' milk. It is matured f..
Ex Tax: £2.90
Raclette is a firm salted cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese originated in the Swiss canton ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Le Roule
Le Roule is a traditional table cheese used for baking and spreading. Le Roule with its distincti..
Ex Tax: £4.40
Saint Agur
St. Agur, easily recognizable by its octagonal shape, is made from pasteurized cow's milk in the ..
Ex Tax: £4.95
A brie-style French cheese where triple cream is ladled in during the making. This leads to a ric..
Ex Tax: £4.75