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Katy's White Lavender
Made by Katy Bell, daughter of Judy Bell of the Thirsk based Shepherd's Purse Dairy. This li..
Ex Tax: £7.75
Smoked Wensleydale
Traditional Wensleydale cheese is naturally 'cold smoked' over oak and hardwood chips for up to 2..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Crumbly Lancashire
Crumbly Lancashire is a young cheese typically matured for up to 8 weeks and made from fresh loca..
Ex Tax: £2.95
An unusual "cooked" whey cheese from Norway, made from a mixture of goat, cows milk. This cheese ..
Ex Tax: £4.90
Cheddar with Caramalised Onions
An amazing burst of flavour; specially selected, smooth creamy cheddar carefully combined with ri..
Ex Tax: £4.05
Aged for 18 months in the high mountain canton, this Emmenthal has a strong spicy flavour with fe..
Ex Tax: £4.15
Halloumi was originally a Middle Eastern Bedouin cheese made from ewes' and sometimes goats' milk..
Ex Tax: £3.40
Isle of Mull Cheddar
Isle of Mull cheddar doesn’t taste like any other cheddar and it doesn’t look the same either. It..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Inglewhite Goats' Cheese
A medium hard, medium strength goats' cheese, Clean slightly tangy bite and smooth after taste. A..
Ex Tax: £5.75
Smoked Inglewhite Goats
Medium hard, milky goats cheese from Inglewhite near Preston which is smoked over old whisky barr..
Ex Tax: £5.95
Old Amsterdam - Mature Gouda
A smooth, waxy textured, slightly granular Dutch Gouda that is well matured for around 18+ months..
Ex Tax: £4.75
Pecorino Romano
Made from pure sheep's milk and aged for over 10 months our Pecorino Romano is pleasantly sharp a..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Raclette is a firm salted cheese made from cow's milk. The cheese originated in the Swiss canton ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
White Stilton
Like its Blue brother, White Stilton is a Protected Designation of Origin and can only be made in..
Ex Tax: £3.40
White Stilton With Apricot
A delicious combination of fresh White Stilton with dried Apricot pieces that add a delicate swee..
Ex Tax: £3.75