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Mature Cheddar with Chilli & Garlic
Authentic farmhouse Cheddar cheese blended with Chilli peppers & Garlic, a great balance of f..
Ex Tax: £3.75
This delicious semi-hard cheese from Cornwall, in the South West of the country is deliciously cr..
Ex Tax: £5.35
Katy's White Lavender
Made by Katy Bell, daughter of Judy Bell of the Thirsk based Shepherd's Purse Dairy. This li..
Ex Tax: £7.75
Famed for it's pungent aroma, a Great British Classic from Charles Martell, Dymock,Gloucester ..
Ex Tax: £8.00
Cheddar with Caramalised Onions
An amazing burst of flavour; specially selected, smooth creamy cheddar carefully combined with ri..
Ex Tax: £4.05
Le Roule
Le Roule is a traditional table cheese used for baking and spreading. Le Roule with its distincti..
Ex Tax: £4.40
White Stilton With Apricot
A delicious combination of fresh White Stilton with dried Apricot pieces that add a delicate swee..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Wnsleydale with Cranberries
Sweet & fruity; Creamy white Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, carefully combined with the d..
Ex Tax: £3.75
White Stilton with Mango & Ginger
One of the more popular of the additive cheeses, the ginger gives a little bite to balance the sw..
Ex Tax: £3.75
White Stilton with Mushroom & Garlic
White stilton with a savoury mushroom flavour and an ample helping of garlic. Vegetarian and ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
White Stilton with Blueberries
Mild White Stilton mixed with juicy blueberries, a delicate fruit flavour and fresh aroma. Ve..
Ex Tax: £3.75