Barbera - Riva Leone (Piemonte)

Barbera - Riva Leone (Piemonte)
Barbera - Riva Leone (Piemonte)
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Tasting Notes
Dark berry fruits with a core of fine tannins and the typical Barbera acidity that makes these wines so perfect to accompany big hearty autumn meals - perfect with any pasta dish, pheasant and game.

Regional info.

Barbera is one of the classic Grapes of Italy's Piedmont region. Piedmont is the land of great red wines. Its vineyards have existed since antiquity: Pliny the Elder gives a detailed description of them in his books, while Julius Caesar spares no words of praise on the wines of Alba. Every southward facing slope in the hills of the Langhe, Asti and Monferrato is covered with vineyards. Most of the vineyards are concentrated in the southeastern part of Piedmont and close to the Apennines, in the provinces of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo. In the north, the best vineyards are in the northern half of the provinces of Novara and Vercelli. Most of these vineyards are planted with age-old, local vine varieties, to which some new varieties were added recently.

After years of study and research, the Piemonte D.O.C. appellation was established in 1994 to contain all those regional productions, like the "spumante" sparkling wines and the Barbera, which had started being produced outside their original areas.

For this reason, Piemonte D.O.C. does not cover the whole of the region, but is restricted to the provinces of Asti, Cuneo and Alessandria.

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