Roquefort - Papillon Noir

Roquefort - Papillon Noir
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Made from raw sheep's milk, Roquefort has a characteristic aroma and flavour. The rindless exterior is edible and slightly salty. The white pate is slightly moist and crumbly, with distinctive veins of blue mould that offer a sharp tang.

Roquefort is a complex, but well-balanced cheese. On the palate, it starts out slightly mild and sweet before moving into a smoky, then salty finish. Though similar cheeses are produced elsewhere, European law dictates authentic Roquefort must be aged in the natural stone caves of Mount Combalou of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.

Roquefort Papillon Noir owes its fame to its green and blue marks and to its special taste coming from both the quality of the ewe milk used and the use of traditional techniques.

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