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Halloumi was originally a Middle Eastern Bedouin cheese made from ewes' and sometimes goats' milk. It is long-keeping, tough and salty which made it ideal for the Bedouin way of life. The popularity of the cheese led to its production spreading throughout the Middle East, to Greece and Cyprus and throughout the world.

It is creamy white with a fibrous texture, and is firmer, less brittle and generally less salty than Feta; even though it is also soaked in brine during manufacture. It can be sliced but not crumbled. The cheeses gains its special properties during the making when the moulded curds are dipped in hot water, kneaded with chopped mint, and then rolled out like pastry and cut into bars. It is either eaten soon after making or can be ripened for a month. great for cooking with. 240g individually wrapped portion.

Vegetarian, Pasteurised.

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