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A rich, hard pressed full fat traditional style Lancashire with a very individual character. ..
Ex Tax: £4.50
Smoked Creamy Lancashire
Delicious creamy lancashire from Inglewhite, lightly smoked for 3 days over old oak whisky barrel..
Ex Tax: £2.80
Creamy Lancashire
This is the classic Traditional Lancashire and is made with fresh milk sourced from dedicated loc..
Ex Tax: £2.95
Crumbly Lancashire
Crumbly Lancashire is a young cheese typically matured for up to 8 weeks and made from fresh loca..
Ex Tax: £2.95
Garstang Blue - Lancashire
Garstang Blue is made from pasteurised cows’ milk and is a wonderful combination of a smooth crea..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Inglewhite Goats' Cheese
A medium hard, medium strength goats' cheese, Clean slightly tangy bite and smooth after taste. A..
Ex Tax: £5.75
Smoked Inglewhite Goats
Medium hard, milky goats cheese from Inglewhite near Preston which is smoked over old whisky barr..
Ex Tax: £5.95