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Cherry Almond & Linseed Toast for Cheese
  For rich blue cheeses such as Cashel Blue, Stilton & Gorgonzola. 90g ..
Ex Tax: £3.25
Large Olive Wood Board
A beautiful olive wood wooden chopping or cheese board - this will definitely impress guests..
Ex Tax: £11.99
Mature Cheddar with Chilli & Garlic
Authentic farmhouse Cheddar cheese blended with Chilli peppers & Garlic, a great balance of f..
Ex Tax: £3.75
A rich, hard pressed full fat traditional style Lancashire with a very individual character. ..
Ex Tax: £4.50
This delicious semi-hard cheese from Cornwall, in the South West of the country is deliciously cr..
Ex Tax: £5.35
Mrs. Bell's Blue
A pure full fat ewes milk cheese with a slightly sweet lingering peppery flavour on the palate. T..
Ex Tax: £7.00
Chilli Crackers
Spicy and warm for Cheddar cheese. 150g ..
Ex Tax: £2.85
Basil Crackers
Fragrant and mellow for mild Swiss and Nordic cheeses. 150g ..
Ex Tax: £2.85
Date, Hazlenut & Pumpkin Seed Toast for Cheese
 For lush creamy cheeses such as Lancashire Blue, Brie de Meaux & Vignotte. 90g. ..
Ex Tax: £3.25
125 gram Italian Mozzarella ball packed in Whey. Perfect with Tomato & Bas..
Ex Tax: £1.10
Apricot,Pistachio & Sunflower Toast for Cheese
For delicate goats’ milk cheeses such as Capricorn, Inglewhite & Buche de Chevre. 90g. ..
Ex Tax: £3.25
Celery Crackers
Clean tasting with a bite for blue cheese. 150g ..
Ex Tax: £2.85
Mondivino Morrocan Seed & Nut Crackers
A warm and spicy cracker with roasted hazelnuts, coriander seeds and cumin. Ideal with Red wine a..
Ex Tax: £2.90
Fennel Crackers
Soft and warm for pungent, washed - rind cheeses. 150g   ..
Ex Tax: £2.85
Water Crackers - Fine Cheese Co.
A much requested addition to our Fine Cheese range, classic, flame-toasted Water Crackers made fr..
Ex Tax: £2.50