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Harrogate Blue
Our latest addition! New from the makers of Mrs.Bells and Yorkshire Blue.A soft luxuriously cream..
Ex Tax: £6.25
Hawes Wensleydale
Delicious creamy white cheese with a mild, fresh clean flavour, a honeyed aftertaste and a crumbl..
Ex Tax: £3.75
A lovely, Camembert style cheese. Made from local, organic milk just minutes from our shop, in To..
Ex Tax: £2.90
Pike's Delight
Made from local, organic milk just minutes from our shop, in Todmorden by our friends at Pextenem..
Ex Tax: £5.50
Ribblesdale Blue Goat
An outstanding blue cheese: creamy yet tangy. Delightful blue goat milk cheese made by The Ribble..
Ex Tax: £8.15
Swaledale Ewes
Handmade from the milk of their own sheep by the Reade family on their farm high in the Yorkshire..
Ex Tax: £7.12
Swaledale Goats
White in colour with a soft moist open texture. Smooth and tangy with a much milder flavour to it..
Ex Tax: £7.12
Katy's White Lavender
Made by Katy Bell, daughter of Judy Bell of the Thirsk based Shepherd's Purse Dairy. This li..
Ex Tax: £7.75
Mrs. Bell's Blue
A pure full fat ewes milk cheese with a slightly sweet lingering peppery flavour on the palate. T..
Ex Tax: £7.00
Smoked Wensleydale
Traditional Wensleydale cheese is naturally 'cold smoked' over oak and hardwood chips for up to 2..
Ex Tax: £4.00
Yorkshire Blue
Made from 100% Yorkshire cows milk, Yorkshire Blue is a mild, soft, creamy, blue veined cheese. T..
Ex Tax: £5.40
Wnsleydale with Cranberries
Sweet & fruity; Creamy white Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, carefully combined with the d..
Ex Tax: £3.75